We are all well-acquainted with the types of odors we face in our daily life. From the smell of public toilets to the odor of an unwashed dog, we know these familiar odors which are annoying yet present. Odor elimination is a method of getting these odors out of the doors. Okay; the pun may be bad, but the intent is not. Most of us are fed up with the odor we have to face on a regular basis. Here are some solutions that make sense for the good.

All of us are tired and agitated on the familiar awkward smells. Check out some solutions for odor elimination.

  • Source Control: This is one of the most basic methods for odor elimination. One can locate the source and keep it under check to make sure there is no unpleasant odor in the room. This works the best in the case of odors like smelly socks, or a rotten wood, or rotten food. We all know what the smell is in this case. One can easily locate the source and take the right step to eliminate the odor.


  • Masking: Masking is another general term for odor elimination. It includes using several options to mask the bad odor. For instance, the use of candles or incense sticks or even an air freshener can be considered as masking. It is an ideal step when a quick fix is considered. If you have a bathroom odor to deal with in a jiffy, using an incense might help. But, on the long run, getting a Glade plug-in or coating the bathroom with a nanotechnology-based odor control coating is a great option. The major issue with using air fresheners is that using a lot can lead to an increased amount of VOCs.


  • Cleaning: There is no alternative to regular cleaning. Regular cleaning makes sure there is no source of the bad odor or at least, you notice the source. There are many smells which are easily eliminated from the vicinity by regular cleaning. Cleaning in order to eliminate the odor includes thorough checking as well. Keep several home solutions like vinegar, baking soda at hand. These materials when combined with vinegar or warm water work as great odor eliminators and cleaning agents.


These were some common steps to be used for eliminating the familiar awkward odors from your vicinity. Keep bad vices like smoking and smoking up at bay. They can be reasons for major foul odors in any place. Odor elimination is not that difficult if you know the right way around.


Nanotechnology has some amazing advice for all those are looking for a permanent odor elimination solution. With the nanotechnology-powered coating Titanium Dioxide coating, you get the best of both worlds. The coating is a self-cleaning one which also helps in eliminating nearby odor. In addition to these benefits, the self-cleaning coating can also help in removing the VOCs indoors. Know more about our nano-coating!