Versatility is the key to nanotechnology and the nano photocatalytic Titanium dioxide just goes to show that. From the most obvious problems to the most uncommon issues, titanium dioxide is at the helm of a holistic solution to all.  The nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide is available in powder form which makes it easy to use.  Nano-TiO2 is an innovation that is making lives easier with its versatility.

Here are some functions of the versatile Nano-TiO2 to prove the point better.

·         Sterilizing Effect: Nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide has the ability decomposing the harmful cells after killing it. In fact, the photocatalyst has been found to be much more effective than any other anti-bacterial agent. The photocatalytic reaction takes place even when the bacterial cells are covering the surface. This gives the Nano-TiO2 an edge over others. The best part is it provides a long-lasting effect.

·         Deodorizing: There are several odors around us that we don’t pay attention to. If you know about the familiar odors and want to know the way out of it, Nano-TiO2 is the solution. Odor elimination or deodorizing is another important function of the photocatalyst. Some common odor molecules like tobacco, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, urine, etc... are easily removed by the photocatalyst.

·         Air and Water Purification: Purification of air and water depends on the ability to oxidize or reduce various polluting compounds present in there. Be it the CFCs in air or hazardous organic compounds in water, Nano-TiO2 has the solution for it. The photocatalyst reacts with almost every polluting compound and decomposes them at a molecular level. Purification is just another function the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide is known for.

·         Self-Cleaning: When it comes to exteriors of buildings, cleaning is a big hassle. Nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide comes to the aide in such situations. Due to the self-cleaning property, the exterior surfaces are cleaned without any risky labor. Moreover, the cost of maintaining the cleanliness is also reduced by great margins. The coating is hydrophilic in nature helping it to stay clean under every circumstance.

These are some general functions of the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide. Nanotechnology is now everywhere and it helps in a wide area of service. From cleaning to purifying to controlling foul odors, Nano-TiO2 is the long-term solution you were looking for.