Your home is the safest and comfortable place, and you spend a maximum of time indoor. So, it’s important to check up the safety of space, and guarantee that multiple aspects of the house are in favorable condition and healthy. One of the most important aspects is the quality of air inside the home and breathing regularly.

Inside air is densely polluted than air outside the home, as per the research. Pollutants from paint, asbestos, radon, mold, other harmful toxins and chemicals decrease the breathability. You need to add air purification systems, it can protect home from Volatile Organic Compounds lurking around flooring paint, cleaning supplies, furniture and other everyday products.

Here are five warning signs that show when you need a home purification system

  • When You See Mold Growth in Corners

    Mold Growth is favorable on a polluted environment only. If you notice mold growth on any part of the home, be sure the indoor air is not good for health. Mold releases spores that are moved through the air and then you have nasty dirty molds on the wall. At that time, your home needs an advanced air purification technology like nano-technology based anti-microbial coating to cleanse and purify the air.

  • Experience skin allergies and infections

    Changing weather condition is mostly considered the major cause of sickness for humans. Most of the times people blame the outdoor temperature conditions, but the reality is that may be the air inside your home is full of allergens and pollutants. The number of dust particles, pollen and VOC compound trigger allergic reactions, because of which your health may degrade, and you may fall sick. For that reason, you need nano PCO-technology based air purification coating for home.

  • Feel bad odor and smell

    Indoor air gets contaminated with many indoor particles such as pets smell, the lousy smell in winters due to closed indoor, or food smell or paints. But, most of the time you cannot notice. This is because human nose adjust with the smell after smelling something for longer times. In other words, your nose goes blind to the bad smell in your house. The only way to detect is to ask someone unfamiliar with the indoor air smell. Open up your windows to let fresh air come inside, or, find an amazing daily deodorization solution.

  • Accumulation of dust particles

    Dust particles are mostly visible through naked eyes. You can see dust on the table, desk or furniture. If you notice dust particles on indoor objects after cleaning on a regular basis, then think air to be highly polluted. Dust particles are a carrier of germs and pollutants, which later affects the health of the homeowners. So, it’s suggested to use advanced air purification methods to eliminate the accumulation of dust particles.

  • When the humidity level is higher

    Humidity is an indicator of increased pollutant level in the house. For a favorable air condition, the humidity of an indoor must be between 30-50% only. Above that average level, a home is considered polluted with dust, pollen and molds. When you experience a higher level of humidity level, consult air purification experts.

Bottom Line

The points mentioned above are five warning signs that you have poor indoor air quality. If you notice any of these signs in your home, you should clean home or apply air purification coating for home. Visit site for more details.