Enhance the Shine of your Building with Nano Self Clean Coating

With a constant increase in businesses and companies, there’s an incredible rise in commercial infrastructure around the world. Corporate Giants with a turnover of billions have built lavish campuses. These are some of the best architectural structures where thousands of people come to work every day. From BMW in Munich to Petroleum Conglomerates Petronas in Malaysia, there are some visually appealing masterpieces of architecture that will take your heart away.

Corporate buildings

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Why Photocatalytic Self-Cleaning Coating is a Trending Technology Now?

There has been a tremendous increase in pollution levels from the various automobiles and industrial belts in recent times. The levels that once accounted for the graph pertaining to the major cities have now tunneled its reach in the smaller towns and cities as well. Air pollution has been reflecting alarming figures for taking a toll on people who are already suffering from respiratory problems.

Indeed, air pollution poses a severe threat to your healthy lifestyle. You may be suffering

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What Do You Need to Know about Nano Photocatalyst?

With the evolution of technology, there is a considerable increase in the level of pollutants in the atmosphere. As there is an increase of pollutants, there are various methods to control or eliminate the level of impurities from the atmosphere. In the present scenario, there is no such technology that promises accurate results to solve the problems and maintain the hygienic environmental conditions.

To get rid of this problem, nanotechnology has brought a revolution in the field of science

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What is the Use of Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide for Emission Treatment?

The emissions from automobiles are one of the primary sources of air pollution. The particles from automobiles combine with air particles making it unhealthy to inhale. With the increasing amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere, it is very important to find the right and eco-friendly solutions that can help to limit the occurrence of toxic gases and keep the exhaust clean.

The best solution to the problem is to use Nano Photocatalytic

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A Detailed Guide about Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide

Air pollution is a major challenge before humanity. There are various sources of air pollution, but impurities from automotive exhausts are one of the significant sources of air pollution. The harmful gases from the exhaust mix with the air around, making it unhealthy to inhale. The problem is not only restricted to minimize the gas emission, but we need to find a long-lasting, eco-friendly solution that can limit the occurrence and keep the exhausts clean.

Nano Photocatalytic Titanium

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Photochemical Smog – Occurrence, Effects, and Best Method to Treat It!

Air pollutants are hard to get treated as there are no such solutions to target specific pollution, causing agents in the environment. Photochemical smog is an example of that; people often find it similar to common smog formed from the burning of fossil fuels in the environment. However, it is formed from the chemical reaction between an atmospheric pollutant and ultraviolet light rays from the sun. Hydrogen and Nitrous Oxide are two primary components of photochemical smog. Still, people search

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Save Your Environment with Photocatalytic Self Cleaning Coating

Controlling the level of air pollutants in the air is one of the major concerns for people around the globe. With increasing sources of pollution, it is very difficult to reduce the level of contaminants in the atmosphere. The presence of harmful particles in the air has affected lots of people around the globe.

The researchers around the globe are looking for the best alternatives where they can help to keep the environment clean and green for the coming generation. The invention of the

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What are the Best Uses of Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide?

Nanotechnology has proved as a boon for people around the globe. With the development of nanotechnology, it has shown a ray of hope for solving many problems. The best invention by nanotechnology is Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide. This compound is available in powder form making it easy for use. The chemical formula is Nano-TiO2, and with the invention of this compound, it is making lives easier.

Titanium Dioxide: What You
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Reduce Your Chances of Cancer - Nano-Photocatalytic Odor Elimination Technique

Each year, more than 4 million people die prematurely due to indoor air pollution. Around 27% of them died due to pneumonia, 18% from stroke, 20% from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and 8% from lung cancer. The picture gives an explicit knowledge about the rising concern of passive smoke inside home and is particularly dangerous for children. It needs to be treated instantaneously before poor indoor air quality becomes a significant cause of carcinogens inside the house.

How are
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Why Drinking Pure and Safe Water is Essential?

For the human, access to pure and clean drinking water is a fundamental thing. The United Nations consider it a basic human right and an essential step towards improving living standards worldwide. However, tens of millions of people are sickened by pollutants in the drinking water – many of which are not preventable.

Polluted drinking water is a significant concern for poor health, poverty, education, sanitation, and other issues. Elaborately, education suffers when children suffer

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