Our Markets What We Can Do For You

We’re a market-oriented company active in nano science industrialization. This means we are organized squarely around the needs of customers and end-users across over 10 global markets - from construction & industrial coating to food & health protection.


We supply world leadning nano self-cleaning solution to diversified customers all over the world. We believe self-cleaning technology will bring us a greener, cleaner and safer future.

  • Building walls, glass and metal claddings
  • Automobiles, marine & aircraft bodies
  • Illuminator & illumination cover
  • Histroic buildings protection
  • Sound proofing wall & Accessory structures of roads
  • Advertisment sign & Reflective traffic mirror
  • Fountain, sculpture & landmark
  • Industrail facilities
  • Solar photovoltic panel & solar heater
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Anti-Microbial / Anti-Viral

Our nano products could provide advanced and safe anti-microbial solution. They can obtain excellent and stable performance on even mutant virus and super bacteria (i.e. MRSA).

  • Hospitals & Hotels & Houses (Wall, Floor, Ceiling, Appliances, ...)
  • Public transportation and facilites
  • Schools & kindergartens
  • Food industry & restaurants
  • Ceramic tile / Ceramic table ware
  • Cooking tool &Cooking table
  • Hand straps / Hand rail
  • Electrical appliances
  • Furniture
  • Care articles
  • Medical appliances
  • Touch panel
  • Computer appliance
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Air-Purification & Deodorizing

Unique nano hydro-synthesis technology is used to modifying semiconductor for photocatalytic purpose by us. Our nano photocatalyst is qualified to decompose hundreds kinds of organic pollutants in air completely just get the power supply from photon(light).

  • Building exterior surfaces and road facilites (NOx)
  • Office, houses, automobiles (VOCs)
  • Smoking area (Smoke smell)
  • Livestock industry (Ammonia, Stink)
  • Waste disposal facilites (Stink)
  • Printing & printing factories (VOCs)
  • Incinerator (Dioxin)
  • Air purifier & HVAC (VOCs, PM2.5)
  • Hospitals, Schools (VOCs)
  • Food factories & transportations (Ethylene)
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Anti-Fogging / Super-hydrophilic

Our photoinducted super hydrophilic technology has been helped many customers to overcome a very common but not that welcome natural phenomenon, fogging.

  • Glass window
  • Mirror
  • Reflex mirror
  • Glasses
  • Weather survey device
  • Lighthouse
  • Observatory Telescope
  • Monitor camera
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Water Treatment

Our nano photocatalytic technology is a ultimate water treatment technology for our environment. It shorten the time of harmful chemicals self-decomposed process from several decade to several hours even minutes, the most amazing part is, it will not generate waste water, so it is a real purifying technology, not only a separating technology.

  • Water package (SODIS/PCO enhanced)
  • Industrial UV system (PCO/UV enhanced)
  • Water purifier
  • Natural water body protection
  • Buoy 
  • Tank for recycling water
  • Aquarium
  • Swimming pool
  • Hot spring
  • Fountain
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Surface Protection

Nano materials show the quantum size effect because of its nano scale size, which provide amazing performance compare to bulk scale materials. We have developed diversified nano materials such as coatings and additives to help customers make their unique and amazing surface protection solutions.

  • Anti-Corrosion / Anti-Rust
  • Anti-Scratch
  • Water-proofing
  • Super-hydrophobic
  • UV-Block
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Interdiscipline Science

New applications of nano materials are keeping developed by scientists in the world to create more miracles for human's future.

  • Solar battery (DSSC)
  • Semiconductor Sensor
  • Anticancer therapy
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