Is your building protected from the harmful effect of acid rain? You all might have questioned yourself right now and turned down to a “no.” Yes, most of us are unaware of the impact of acid rain and searched ever for any self cleaning coating that can safeguard the newness of the building while staying intact.

Acid Rain & the Side-Effects on Buildings

Acid rain is really dangerous for buildings and statues; it can strip away the materials and corrode away the metal that makes up these structures. Architects use limestone, marble, steel, and brass for construction purpose so that it can resist the environmental elements. But to their surprise, the chemical reaction between environmental pollutants and building materials leads to corrosion and destruction. You can see visible changes in the exterior of the building with the chemicals present in the rain.

Basically, acid rain is a dangerous composition of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides that are released in the air from the combustion of fossil fuel like oil and charcoal. Pollutants present in the environment combines with the rain, causing degradation of the buildings. Acid rain is natural; you cannot control the after effects. But, you can take action against.

Thankfully, a photocatalytic self cleaning coating can work wonder for the problem. Let’s help you know better.

Nano Photocatalytic Self Cleaning Coating & Acid rain

This self cleaning photocatalysis process is highly effective against the harmful effects of acid rain. Nano photocatalytic self cleaning coating utilizes nano particles and photocatalytic oxidation reaction to control the after effect and add protection. In the reaction, the nano particles react with the organic and inorganic constituents present in the environment in the presence of sunlight, where photocatalytic acts as a catalyst. The reaction breaks the inorganic components into environment friendly particles like water and carbon dioxide. This reduces the harmful impact on the environment, and the catalytic activity leaves on long term effect on the building. This measure is

  • Extremely safe and effective
  • Eco-friendly and long lasting
  • Super hydrophilic in nature
  • Reduces decomposition of organic pollutant
  • No mildew growth
  • Protection against bacteria and viruses.
  • No NOx accumulation on the building
  • Resistance to water like acid rain
  • Controls wastage of energy

The nanotechnology based photocatalytic self cleaning coating keeps your building new and clean. There will be no traces of air pollutants on your building if it has a coating of this advanced painting. You can find its application in solar panels, statues, historical buildings, and more. (Know how photocatalytic self cleaning coating is useful for solar panels here)

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