The emissions from automobiles are one of the primary sources of air pollution. The particles from automobiles combine with air particles making it unhealthy to inhale. With the increasing amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere, it is very important to find the right and eco-friendly solutions that can help to limit the occurrence of toxic gases and keep the exhaust clean.

The best solution to the problem is to use Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide. The emission treatment and automobile manufacturing companies are looking forward to reducing the level of gas emission from automobiles and reduce the level of air pollution. Nanoscale titanium dioxide is used for supporting materials for catalyst applications in photocatalytic oxidation reactions.

What is Titanium Dioxide?

It is a naturally occurring material which reacts with oxygen to form Titanium Dioxide. It is present in ores, indigenous dust, sands, and soil in the original state. Titanium dioxide is used in products like sunscreen, dye, paint, soap, skin cream, and many more. Titanium dioxide is one of the active ingredients in filtering UV radiation. It protects the person’s skin by blocking the harmful radiation, which can cause cancer.

The Application of Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide

It is a fine white powder available in two distinct forms, i.e., pigment graded powder with excellent light-scattering properties used in paints, coatings, plastics, adhesives, rubber, cosmetics, paper, food, and other materials. Another type is nanoscale titanium dioxide used in sunscreen to protect you from all types of UV rays. In the case of automobile emission treatment, titanium dioxide is used in its nano or ultrafine form. They have self-cleaning properties, which is the best option for maintaining the exteriors of the building. Once after applying on the exteriors, the cost of cleaning and maintenance is reduced by a higher margin.

Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide is also used for water treatment. It helps to eliminate the microorganism from the water, making it fresh, clean, and healthy to drink. This has proved as a boon for the water treatment procedures. Studies have proved that photocatalytic reactions have proved as a boon for cleansing and removing the impurities from the water.

The Final Thoughts

Made with Nano-technology, it has proved as a boon to control emission from cars as well as purify the drinking water. The Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide is one of the best ways to keep your building new forever with its self-cleaning properties.

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