It will not be wrong to say that water purification technology has unrolled to its maximum in recent years. Soon you will have a glass of nano-engineered water in your hand.

Interestingly, nanotechnology is now fabricating with every yarn of the existing society. Whether it is medicine or clothing, you would find nanotechnology gripping its bonds firmly with all of them. Needless to say, with the advancements in the field of science and technology, the nano water treatment solution would pace with the fastest of the changes for a healthier and safer lifestyle.

Nano-engineered water or you can call them hydrozones, are the molecules similar to the water molecules. Yet, with a smaller size of the particles, that is around1/10th of the size of a standard water molecule cluster. Accounting to its smaller size, it is said that these nano molecules are easily absorbed with nutrients into the body cells. The advanced nano water treatment from the Tipe can provide an effective solution for treating surface and groundwater.

Ultimate Water Purification system: Nano water treatment

Using the nanotechnology method in purifying water can be amazingly effective. It counts back to trace the potential of novel nanomaterials for treating the wastewater, surface water, and groundwater contamination. Those contaminants can be inorganic and organic solutes with various other pesticides, chemicals, and toxic metal ions. The nano photocatalyst is known to carry immense potential due to its effective activity towards recalcitrant contaminants. The present market highlights the use of nanotechnology for treating the toxic substances in water shares a significant screen on a broader term. In the current scenario, it is necessary to purify the contaminated water and highlight the need to purify the drinking water. It is seen that nano water treatment can clean water samples to a practical level, which is not achieved by conventional water treatment.

There may be bacteria, fungi, toxic metals, and various chemicals that cannot be treated effectively by conventional water treatment systems. At this stage, nano water treatment can sweep across with higher credibility and authenticity. The level of efficiency shown by the nanomaterials for water treatment stems from the fact that it can have immensely high dissolution and reactivity. Moreover, the increased sorption of these materials for treating water is amazingly useful. At Tipe, we go for a photocatalytic oxidation technology that does more than merely filtering water. With this nano water treatment, the organic and inorganic solutes with other contaminants are destroyed effectively. Indeed, this is an excellent way to remediate the environmental water system.

The objective of nano water treatment

  • It helps in disinfection and purification of drinking water
  • Nano water treatment involves industrial wastewater purification using solar/UV technology.
  • The nano water treatment is carried out without the need for any power supplement.

What’s next?

With the increase in the pollution levels in the major cities of the world, it is necessary to have a clean water purification system. There are millions of industries and factories that pump the wastewater in the big water bodies. Purifying the water that is meant for consumption can be effectively acceptable. Mineralizing harmful organics to inorganic end products can be an excellent way in the nano water treatment process. Apart from the various applications of the nano water treatment, we enlist the major ones right here.

  • The nano water treatment forms the reactive core part of any modern water purification system.
  • It offers high-performance solar disinfection systems.
  • It can also find its extensible usage for the space station water recycling system.

In conclusion

Contextually, having access to a safe and clean source of drinking water can be highly accepting. Get the most effective and advanced solution of nano water treatment for treating the contaminated water to make it fit for use.

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